Workplace Giving for Employers

Workplace Giving allows your employees to make donations and become a Workplace House Hero for Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney direct from their pre-tax pay. Their income tax is immediately adjusted based on their donation, eliminating the need to keep receipts for their annual tax return.

Workplace Giving is a great way for building a more engaged, motivated and inclusive workplace for your organisation. It’s a great way to retain employees and attract new talent.

We will work with you to ensure your Workplace Giving program is meaningful and engaging. As a Workplace Giving partner, we will support you and your employees.

You can also contact us, if you have any questions.

Why your organisation should join our Workplace Giving program?

  • For over 30 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney have supported over 800 sick kids and their families at the House each year.
  • You will be supporting our Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital and Wollongong Hospital.
  • Many of Australia’s largest organisations partner with us, supporting sick kids and their families.
  • You will be supporting our Learning Program which supports hundreds of kids per year.
  • You will be helping support sick kids and families now and in the future.

Be part of something special! Help support sick kids and families now and in the future.

Regular donations from your employees will make such a big difference in giving families struggling with extraordinary circumstances, far from home, somewhere they can share everyday family moments and live like a normal family.

Demand for our services has never been greater. By becoming a Workplace Giving partner, you will be doing the ultimate ‘Paying it Forward’ and keep families close when they are facing the most difficult time of their lives now and in the future.

Become a Workplace Giving Partner NOW

Becoming a Workplace Giving Partner is easy. All you need to do is fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you within three business days.

Organisation Application Form

How to setup a Workplace Giving Program in your organisation?

There are a number of ways to setup a Workplace Giving program in your organisation. The first of these is to use an automated web based platform that enables your payroll department to streamline multiple employee donations. You can use platforms such as Good2Give or Good Company.

Secondly, your payroll department makes direct transactions to our account and is more appropriate for smaller organisations. Below are the steps to set up your workplace giving program.

  1. Setup: Complete the Employer Form and we will provide you with a unique Supporter ID. This supporter ID should be used in the Reference Field when making your batched donation transfer.
  2. Spread the Word: Let your employees know that as an organization you are committed to social impact and are initiating a workplace giving program with Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney. Provide your employees with information on how they can sign up – send them this link. We suggest that the process is managed through your payroll department. Include this information as part of your employee induction and on-boarding is a great opportunity to embed your organisations values and culture and streamline the process in the long-term. So we can share the impact your employees are having on families throughout Sydney, we would encourage you to offer employees the option for their details to be shared with us.
  3. Transfer Donations:

         Frequency: While a monthly batched transfer is the preferred frequency, as an organisation you are able to nominate the frequency; monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

         Bank Name: CBA

         Account Name: Ronald McDonald House Fundraising

         BSB: 062-230

         Account Number: 1014 3409

         Description: Please include your supporter ID (from Step 1) and ‘WPG’ to help us identify and attribute the donation to you.

  1. Send your remittance: So we can be sure to record and track the impact your organisation is having, please ensure you send us a remittance when you are transferring your organsiations Workplace Giving donations. You can email the remittance to 
  2. Keep engaged: Let your employees know the value of participating in the Workplace Giving program and the outcomes they have achieved. You can make use of information we can share directly with them or forward updates on to employees. You may also want to provide opportunities for team to opt in to additional activities such as Home for Dinner or fundraising events.

Your Impact

If 5 people give just $10 each a month, Ronald McDonald House can provide 29 dinners for families, when preparing food is the last thing on their mind.

If 10 people give $20 each a month, Ronald McDonald House can help a child with serious illness catch up on missed education in the Learning Program.

If 50 people give $40 each a month, Ronald McDonald House can provide 75 nights of accommodation to help families stay close together when their child is in hospital.

Small gifts have a big impact.

Carlos' story...

Carlo Moore looks like your average 10-year old, but as the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.  Beneath the surface of this charismatic and happy adolescent lies a complex and life-changing health issue that has impacted not just Carlo’s day-to-day, but that of his parents and sister Grace.  What started out as severe reflux disease at five-years old has become something much more complicated: gastroparesis.  This condition means his stomach doesn’t empty and he requires tube feeding overnight.

While there is no cure for Carlo’s condition, he and his family live in hope that one day soon, things will change, allowing him to lead a life similar to that of his friends, away from hospitals, surgery and as he puts it, “away from his tubes”. 

Traveling interstate is not without its challenges and implications on work, the family dog and the new chicken coop, but for the Moore family they know that during each visit, they have a ‘home away from home’ and a support system to help them take one day at a time. 

As the family looks towards a healthy future for Carlo, they are also resolute in their commitment to raise awareness for Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney as being a vital part of their journey: “All of the hospital visits and uncertainty takes a toll on the entire family, so knowing we have a place to stay, relax and feel supported is difficult to put into words – we are just so grateful to have this second home and second family”.    

A testament to the resilience of children, Carlo hasn’t let his condition and limitations slow him down.  He runs, he plays and when the Sydney Swans need a junior mascot, he’s always ready!