It’s more than a place to sleep…

Your support will provide holistic support to families throughout their child’s recovery with illness or injury. We are there for families to keep them connected and focus on the child’s recovery through the House and our Family Rooms.

Your support will continue to support families in between and after hospital stays such as our Learning Program.

By supporting RMHC Sydney, you will:

Ensure sick children experience an improved clinical journey as a result of physical and emotional proximity to the family. Our programs enable a family-centred approach to caring for sick children from the time they are in hospital to transitioning back to school and everyday life.

Make sure parents and family members feel better connected and less stressed, improving their capacity to focus on supporting their child through treatment.

Help hospitals experience a reduced mental load and save on resources. Our program has become a vital part of the hospital infrastructure. Hospital staff can discharge patients to a nearby location and are therefore able to serve more people. Hospital staff also experience reduced mental load and are better able to focus on clinical outcomes when families are well rested and less stressed.

Ensure the education system avoids some of the costs associated with students who miss significant periods of school. Our Learning Program helps government and schools avoid the cost of students repeating school, and avoid the lifetime costs associated with students not completing school.

RMHC Sydney has the trust and goodwill of the community, which are essential for sustainable operations. RMHC has been consistently rated as one of the most trusted charities in Australia.

We are able to have volunteers and tutors able to assist in the delivery of our Programs. Their work primarily benefits families, but also provides the volunteers and tutors themselves with a sense of purpose and job satisfaction