Frequently Asked Questions

What is RMHC Sydney's Pantry Pals?

Pantry Pal's is you opportunity to support families with seriously ill or injured children by keeping our pantry at the House filled all year round. You will have the comfort of knowing that families have the support of the wider community throughout their stay. It saves, them time, money and gives them more energy to concentrate on what’s most important – family!

How do I take part?

It's easy, all you need to do is select an amount you are happy to sponsor, either as a once off or monthly donation via the home page here.

Do you accept PayPayl?

No, we do not accept PayPal.

What does RMHC Sydney offer?

RMHC Sydney is more than a place to sleep. At RMHC Sydney, we are privileged to meet some of the most resilient and positive families that there are and yet they are living this news for real. In times like this, you come to realise what really matters - family.

RMHC Sydney located in Randwick, gives seriously ill children the best gift of all – their families. A family to lean on when you are feeling your worst and a family to celebrate the wins with. A family who just lets you be you.

Our House is a warm and supportive home-away-from-home for families of children travelling to Randwick for treatment at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

At RMHC Sydney, we are committed to providing family-focused care allowing families to stay by their child’s side during their treatment at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Our communal facilities help to create a social and supportive environment and offer a few of the comforts of home that make life just that little bit easier.

I have another question which isn’t on the FAQs

Please get in touch with us via and we will be happy to answer your question.