What it means to be in the House?

30 Mar 2021

When people come to stay at the House in Randwick for the first time, it’s seen as a roof over their head that is close to the hospital. Give anyone a few days in the House, and the time to process what they are going through, then the House become so much more. So what does it mean, when in an random act of kindness, someone donates ‘a night’ to the families that stay at the House that they will never know? Earlier this year, 13 CEOs found our exactly what it meant, when they raised enough money to cover 625 nights and embarked on a 22-hour immersive experience that gave them some sense of understanding about all that RMHC Sydney has to offer families. 

RMHC Sydney, is more than a House, it is a home-away from home. It’s a safe, warm and secure place to lay your head after a long day of treatment, a community that understands what you are going through, meals provided throughout the week and educational support for patients and their siblings when they need it. Matt Fehon, CEO of McGrath Nicol who was part of the experience explains, “Because of the generous donors that support RMH Sydney, families can be supported both mentally and economically.” And during their experience, CEOs like Matt got to see it for themselves. 

There are still a few spaces for the next CEO Walk in my Shoes experience on May 13-14. If you would like to be involved contact Rachel.stoddart@rmhc.org.au