Volunteer of the Year Awardee, Jill Vincent

25 May 2021

I wanted a position where I could make a small difference to families in difficult circumstances.

I’ve been volunteering for the last two years, two days per week as well as regularly helping out on extra occasions when needed.

There are many benefits to volunteering. For me it’s meeting others who are fulfilling the same role and the bond that you have with the staff at RMHC Sydney. We all offer something in the role and in the end, it is a big melting pot, mixing all our talents into one big pot.

Volunteer of The Year Awardee, Jill Vincent

I was so surprised to receive Volunteer of The Year Award as I love doing what I do in the House and being part of the Volunteering family at RMHC Sydney.

This role has enriched my life and I am in awe of all the families and kids who have a very difficult start in life and call RMHC Sydney House their home.

I only wish I had a magic wand to make all their lives better and free of any illness they may have.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for RMHC Sydney, please send your expression of interest to volunteering.sydney@rmhc.org.au.