School Holiday excitement at the House

28 Sep 2021

With current lockdowns, Miss Fabi has been busy keeping our ill and injured children entertained during the current school holidays.

Miss Fabi says “I love being creative with children, giving them excitement and joy during our current lockdowns.”

And excitement Miss Fabi provided…

During the current school holidays, the children in the House participated in a variety of Learning Program activities.

They created a veggie garden and planted carrots, chillies, herbs, pumpkins and beans.

"It was great to get out in fresh air and get our hands dirty. The kids will continue to look after the garden and watch it grow”.

In addition to the outdoor activities, the kids participated in science-based activities. They made fluffy glitter slime and an amazing erupting papier-mache volcano! “Kids of all ages joined in and it was wonderful to see them having so much fun!”.

Another exciting activity during the school holidays was getting creative in the kitchen, with activities including biscuit decorating, and making honey joys and fairy bread.

Last Thursday, the children in the House recognised the International Day of Sign Languages by making a short Auslan video to the song What a Wonderful World. They also made textured canvas art by painting on canvas using plaster.

The wonderful activities coordinated by Miss Fabi have been amazing, she has kept the kids busy and learning during this very difficult time. It is so important during these restricted times to bring the kids together in a Covid-safe way to be social and have them join in, in creative fun.”