Sean has missed being part of something big and rewarding

22 Oct 2021

Sean is one of our fabulous Homemaker Volunteers who support our families at the Randwick House on a weekend. Sean enjoys having a good laugh and is always eager for a chat and to offer his support in any way he can help.

Our families really enjoy having Sean’s fun and caring personality in the House. Due to the recent COVID lockdown, Sean has not been able to volunteer in the House since June and has been greatly missed by everyone at RMHC Sydney.

Sean is definitely looking forward to returning to the House when our volunteers return in November.

“I have certainly missed all the families and friends that I have made over the last few years”. Apart from “causing trouble” for some of the staff & other volunteers with his friendly banter, he has missed “being part of something that is so big and rewarding.

Not having our volunteers in the House since June has been difficult for our families.

They truly enjoy the support our volunteers provide, whether it be someone to chat with over a cuppa in the kitchen, keeping our house clean and comfortable, freshly baked cakes for families to enjoy or someone to laugh & play with the kids – it's the little things our volunteers provide that make a huge difference to their day.

With our Volunteers being the Heart of our House, we have certainly felt their absence.

For our volunteers, it has been a long wait to return to something that is a big part of their lives and from which they gain so much. As a business owner that operates 24/7, Sean has still remained busy during the lockdown, however, it’s the personal connection to the RMHC Sydney he has missed so much.

“I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of amazing volunteers and people that work at the house. I know how much joy, laughter and love they bring to families whose lives have momentarily been turned around. To be a small part of that is so rewarding and such a blessing

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