29 Jun 2021

Undoubtedly, the last 12 months have made so many businesses change the way in which they have had to operate. At RMHC Sydney, it has been no different. We have had to limit visitors to the House, wear masks, increase our cleaning routine and sadly reduce our operating capacity from 31 families to 17. However, at RMHC Sydney we always try to find the silver lining. We’ve taken the opportunity to complete a few refurbishments that would ordinarily have impacted the families staying in the House if we were at capacity.

Celebrating our 30th Birthday in April this year, our aging building had been receiving many updates along the way but was now in need of some major changes. In the last 6 months we have been able to open our new kitchen with thanks to our partnership with Morgan Stanley. Not only does our new kitchen look stunning, it also has made it more function for serving families when we have dinners and the movement of a wall means that families can better supervise their children whilst preparing meals.

With thanks to our friends at Ingenia Communities, our communal shower/bathroom blocks were completely gutted and renovated, creating a fresh, sparking clean facility and an inviting colour palette that complements the rest of the House. It even had the finishing touch of handmade hanging baskets for plants, that were thoughtfully crafted by the wife of the Project Manager. This just shows, the love that our partners have for the House and the families that it supports.

Our laundry has also been shown some love with new machines and cabinetry being installed, with thanks to Kate Lawrence, Luke Parker and our supporters at the Sydney Swans. This update, took the look and feel of the adjacent kitchen and created a space that feels like it was always there. Not only is it fabulously new, but Kate and Luke were instrumental in raising enough money that will ensure for the next 2 years, that families will no longer have to pay to use the washing machines and dryers. Again, an improvement to the family experience.

The most recent renovation that was only completed last week, with thanks to Luke Edmonds from Connection 2 Sports and his connections at New Century Group. Together with monetary contributions from The Murphy Foundation and The Denton Family, we have been able to turn a former storeroom into two ensuite bathrooms for two of our bedrooms upstairs. With two new bathrooms, we will now be able to open the House to two more families – something that would not have been possible without the support of everyone who was involved in this project.

Thank you to all of our partners who sponsor various rooms and spaces in the House and give us the opportunity to create a warm, fresh and welcoming place for families to be together throughout their child’s treatment. If you’d like to know more about room sponsorship, get in touch with Rachel at rachel.stoddart@rmhc.org.au